Monday, May 5, 2008

One Year On

This is it; more or less the end of the project. I started this blog one year ago and 366 (leap year and all) posts later I have met my initial goal.

It feels good to be finished. While on the the surface it doesn't seem too difficult to take a photo every day, the reality is that sometimes I just didn't want to drag out the damned camera. Well, whether I wanted to or not, I managed to take at least one shot involving a person every day of the year. I am proud to have finished, while realizing that some days the output was less inspired than other days.

I never intended this to be a life long exercise; one year was what I had in mind from the very beginning. I am not going to abandon the blog though. From here on in, I will be posting photos, maybe not one every day. However, the photos may be new, or they may be from the archives. No longer will I be the slave to the feeling that "I have to get a shot yet today".

Thanks for your visits in the past year.


David said...

Well done Darren. I look forward to seeing more photos here too.

Stephen said...

You've done an incredible job here Darren. What an inspiration you have been. I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily dose of someone's.
Keep up the great work.